Al Buhaira Resort & Housing Planning,Abha

To ensure the availability of quality hotel accommodation in Abha would be sufficient to fulfil the demands of the tourism sector and maximise local income, the Saudi Commission for Tourism (SCT) decided to build a new resort for the area. The SCT commissioned SAK along with Doxiadis to prepare a master plan for the Al Buhairah Resort. The services SAK delivered included site planning and layout plans, architectural and engineering studies, infrastructure networks, including solid and liquid waste management, landscaping studies, specifications, bill of quantities and tender documents. SAK�s plan for the lakeside resort featured a five-star hotel of 132 rooms; 144 villas, 19 ofx which are exclusive VIP accommodation; 18 apartment buildings; a shopping centre and a supermarket; an administration building and staff housing; a mosque; an amusement park, picnic areas and sport facilities; and electrical substations.