Health Care

RIC Health Center Jeddah

Primary Care is an approach to healthcare that includes a range of added medical services such as health screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation as well as personal social services. The services provide first level contact that is fully accessible by self ? referral and has a strong emphasis on working with communities and individuals to improve their health and social well ? being. SAK along with Pivotal was commissioned to design this health center. The key principles which represent the building blocks for the integrated development are: ? Integrated Primary and Community care putting people first and is designed to make it easier for people to access the appropriate services when needed, ? Multi-disciplinary Primary Care teams will provide access to a wide range of health and social services to local communities of about 10,000 people, ? Primary Care teams will be linked together by Primary and social care networks, ? All services provided will be linked to each other and, as required, linked into the wider health system to hospitals and multi agencies.

  • International Medical Center
  • kingfahdmedicalcity
  • Makkah Medical Center
  • DSFH Trauma Hospital
  • Saudi German Hospital
  • United Hospital
  • Yanbu City Medical Center